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Villas of Spanish Springs


Our Villas are one of the truly unique areas in The Villages.  This 47 unit community of diversified homes rivals any of the communities its size.  The Spanish style designs and varied roof compositions offer a choice for nearly everyone.  As with other aspects of The Villages, one can achieve any lifestyle here in our community.  We offer many opportunities for social life - or not, if that is what you choose.

We are among the few Villagers who can say, "I live downtown in The Villages...where I can walk to shopping, take in a movie, go to dinner, dance on Town Square and enjoy all the features that make The Villages so much fun!"

Our community was originally built beginning in 1998 as temporary housing for The Villages.  Prospective buyers stayed here for short periods as they toured the community.  The Villas of Spanish Springs Condominium Owners Association (VoSSCOA) was formed in 2008.

Condominium Information
The Board of Directors consists of five members.

The management company is Sentry Management, Inc. of Tavares, Florida.  

Social activities include our famous Flamingo Cocktail Parties held weekly in someone's driveway (just look for the Pink Flamingo and remember your drink and chair).  We also feature Texas Hold 'Em on Wednesdays and impromptu lunches, golf, tennis, bowling, pickleball, etc. 


* FOR MORE INFO ON THE VILLAS OF SPANISH SPRINGS* Message Posted- - Friday, December 10, 2010
For more information on the Villas of Spanish Springs, please contact Bonnie Gonzalez, Community Association Manager, Sentry Management (352-343-5706 Ext. 58013 or at the following email address:  bgonzalez@sentrymgmt.com).