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TO: New Owners

SUBJ:  Welcome Package and Guidelines (Revised 3/31/2021)

1.  Please read through the following list of information items.  We hope you find them as helpful reference tools.

a.    Welcome Letter.  To access, click here.
b.    Summary of the Use Restrictions Imposed Upon Unit Owners (Declaration of Condominium). To access, click here.
c.    Building Modification Application.  This application can be filled out online and emailed to the Building Committee. In addition, one should become familiar with the Fast Track list that can speed up application if you are requesting a modification that is on the list.  To access this application, click here.  To access the Fast Track list, click here.
d.    New Owners Contact Information for Lake County.  To access The Villages Phone Book for Lake County information, click here.

2.  VoSSCOA Board Members.   The Board Members listing is posted on the VOSSCOA website.  To access this listing, click here. Board meetings are held on a monthly basis.   The meeting agendas, dates, and times are posted at the community mail station.  In addition, this information will be forwarded to owners via electronic mail.

3.  VoSSCOA Management Company.   The management company is Sentry Management.  The District Manager is Bonnie Gonzalez and can be reached by phone (352-343-5706, ext. 58013) or by email (bgonzalez@sentrymgt.com).

4.  VoSSCOA Website.  To receive your password and user id for this website, please contact Rita McCulloch, Communications Committee, by phone (571-201-6977) or by email (rita.mcculloch@gmail.com).